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MEMBERSHIP at Alexandra Sports Club grew by 46 percent last year but the leadership is targeting more growth, in terms of members, to ensure the members enjoy full benefits from their patronage.

Club chairman, Tafadzwa Chinamo, says the significant growth was encouraging given that membership, at many sports clubs in capital, was generally falling.

He says “maintaining the club as a facility whose primary activity is sport is important to continue our lease with the City Council.

“Our lease expires in 2034 and we plan to renew it years before the renewal date.

“With increased membership comes financial stability and the ability to maintain and improve facilities.

“The Council has raised concern regarding the conversion of some clubs into enterprises not focused on sports.”

Chinamo’s comments are contained in his chairman’s report to be presented at the 119th Alex Sports Club annual general meeting at the club this evening.

Alex Sports Club has become one of the venues of choice when it comes to the biggest musical events in the capital while also hosting major junior sports events, including tennis and cricket tournaments.

It is also the official training ground for Dynamos.

“It is no secret that many sports clubs in the country no longer operate for the purposes for which they were established while our great club continues to offer its members and day visitors quality sporting, recreational and social facilities in a challenging macro-economic environment,” says Chinamo in his report.

“This is thanks, first and foremost, to you the members whose number grew from 137 in 2022 to 201 in 2022.

“Broken down by section the membership is as follows: Soccer (89), House 60, Cricket (28), Karate (12), Tennis (11), and Squash (1).

“While these numbers may pale in comparison to yesteryear figures it is nonetheless remarkable that we were able to grow our membership while those of many clubs around us are falling.

“Growth in membership is testament to the fact that our offering is valued by many, more so, at a time when subscriptions are increasing.

“It is our ambition to grow membership further which the committee believes is doable given the club’s values which we urge members to uphold.”

He added:

“In addition to members utilising the club’s sporting facilities, during the year we were regular host to social soccer teams, schools, banks, and corporates in sporting disciplines including soccer, netball, volleyball, tennis, darts, and athletics.

“The Harare Metropolitan Tennis Board held one of its tournaments at the club.

Chinamo says the club achieved moderate surpluses in income in both US and local currency terms.

“In USD terms, the main income sources were Hire of Grounds, Bar, Music Shows and Subscriptions.

“While this is commendable, it is our desire to see member driven income, notably from subscriptions and the bar, be enough to cover all our expenses.”

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