Alexio Kawara religiously following lockdown orders

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Alexio Kawara religiously following lockdown orders Alexio Kawara


Bbi Masia, Entertainment Reporter

ALEXIO Kawara says he is religiously following the President’s call for the 21-day lockdown in an effort to curb the spread of coronavirus (Covid-19).

In an interview with H-Metro, the award-winning crooner said he was spending much of his time with family.

“I am spending my time with my family watching television, practicing new songs and also writing stories.

“It is only the first day matter but I guess I will figure out more stuff to do as I go. I cannot really plan for such a time,” he said.

Kawara said he also found enough time to buy food for his family although there were queues at shops.

“On Saturday and Sunday, the situation was very serious in terms of pressure on shops and even on pharmacies in our area, Willow Creek.

“People were following the one meter rule although they were on queues.

“I managed to get enough food for my family and I hope God will protect us too,” he said.

Asked how the situation is like on the first day of total lockdown in Willow Creek, Alexio said:

“I am quite sure that people have listened to what the President has said concerning the lockdown because everyone is indoors minding their own business.

“My area is always very quiet but today there is a difference from the every day’s silence. ”

As an artiste, Alexio said the 21 days of total lockdown have affected his rehearsal schedule and nothing much of his plans.

“Just my rehearsal schedule has been spoiled. I did not have any gigs lined up during this period.

“I had to cancel two shows which were scheduled for this past weekend because the coronavirus pandemic had already started taking its effect,” he said.

He urged his fans to stay safe and clean always.

“Stay safe, if not for yourself, do it for the ones you love. I hope this Covid-19 will not last long in our country.

“We also need to entertain, but I am sure after this, we will be better artistes,” he said.


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