Alexio, Renailo in collabo

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Alexio, Renailo in collabo



…single set for June release

…video now work in progress

TALENTED musician, Renailo is back on the radar after a four-year hiatus and has joined hands with Afro Fusion star, Alexio Kawara for a duet.

The song is titled “Crazy” and they are already working on a video for the single set for release next month.

Born Kudzai Kuveya on June 6, 1989 in Hwange, Renailo is remembered for her hit song “Reversa Jive” done at Lloyd “Papa Lodza” Jiro’s Raw Muzik studio.

Renailo says she had not left music in the past four years she was missing in action.

“I never left music….it is not always easy to find time and financial resources when you are a mother, wife and student. Now that my baby is two and going to creche, it is much easier to get time to focus on my first love music. I have been focusing on my baby and marriage.”

Looking at the collabo with Alexio, Renailo describes what the song “Crazy” is all about.

“Crazy is a song expressing ones feeling for whom they love…girlfriend/boyfriend, wife/husband, father/mother, son/daughter. It was a combined effort between Alexio and myself. Alexio being the veteran in contemporary African love music provided the initial thoughts and as a team we put more substance to that. The production team also had a big role to play on ensuring that the sound and feel of the song is to the desired conception.”

Renailo revealed that the song took a while to produce.

“The production of the song took over nine months to a number of factors including time constraints and changes of the initial production from being a solo to a duet. We hope the video will not take too long as the production team and everyone involved now have a clear direction of wat we want.”

Asked whether she believes Alexio will be able to help her achieve her dream, Renailo said she believes in Alexio.

“Alexio has been in the industry for a long time and has always been very supportive to my development as a musician before I even made a name. Yes Alexio is an important player of a big team that will help me realise my dream.”

Crazy is not their only project as there is another one being mastered in South Africa.

“We have another song already being mastered in South Africa, which we are preparing to get ready at the beginning of summer. As you know I love to be versatile, on that song I will be doing pop reggae. For those who loved Reversa Jive, this one is for you. I am also working on the video for crazy which should be out end of July.”

A number of artistes have given up on careers as it is a struggle to be noticed.

“Zimbabwean music industry is not easy to understand and there are quite a lot of factors that determine success or failure. When everything is considered it is easy to notice that being talented is the most important factor over other factors that are more important in other markets. It’s a market where artists have to constantly have to resonate with their audience and once that connection is lost, its difficult to become successful.”

An accompanying video is yet to be produced although the groundwork has already started with the identification of people to be featured.

“The video is yet to be produced. There has been delays in its production due to some economic factors but that has been overcome. There will be a number of extras but the main actors will Alexio and myself.”

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