Alexio salutes fans

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Alexio salutes fans Alexio Kawara


16 July 2018

Alexio Kawara

AFRO-JAZZ crooner Alexio Kawara says he is humbled by the loyalty his fans have been showing him over the years.

The Shades of Black boss opened up on the sidelines of his show at East Point (formerly Jazz 105) last Friday where he delivered a polished show.

Although it was not a full house, presumably due to the bad weather, Kawara thanked those who came to support him for having faith in him.

“I know it’s cold these days but having an appreciative crowd like this is encouraging,” said Kawara who gave a spirited performance.

“I have been in the game for a while dating back to the urban grooves era and I have since grown to become a mature musician.

“Today’s show means a lot to me because there are some artistes who are failing to attract such a crowd due to a number of factors.

“One of the factors being the fact that our fans have no money to spend while the cold weather has also seen the attendance dwindling at some of our shows.”

He added:

“In my case, I will continue working hard and I also have a schedule that I follow.

“I do what I am capable of and I also want to thank my handlers for the good job they are doing for the growth of this brand.”

Kawara, who has since assumed the ‘ladies’ man’ tag, played both old numbers and new songs.

He also performed the crowd’s favourite Shaina along with other songs which made him a household name during the urban grooves era.

Meanwhile, Kawara, who is set to celebrate his 40th birthday in November, can’t wait to mark the milestone.

A number of festivities have also been lined up to mark the celebrations set to run through the festive season.

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