‘All cancers are curable’

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‘All cancers are curable’ Newton Mudzingwa


14 December 2017

Newton Mudzingwa

A RENOWNED traditional medical practitioner has called for more education on the healing and management of cancer through traditional means.

Newton Mudzingwa said there is an 80 percent chance of success for cancer being healed using traditional means ahead of other means but lack of education has led to people believing that only scientific means are the way to go.

He said there have been several clashes of beliefs in society which ultimately lead to death as Christians have a negative view in as far as healing with herbs is concerned.

Mudzingwa operates the Health Ministry recognized Herbal Wellbeing Clinics in and outside the capital with several cancer and other diseases success stories.

“Lack of education on the power of herbs in treating all cancers is lacking. There is an 80 percent success rate in the cure of cancer of using traditional means than other means but that is not known and some believe only scientific means are the only way to treat cancer which is not correct.

“Some people have a negative view of herbs and some because of their Christian beliefs and this has led to deaths. We have all the medicines and professionals in the management and treatment of cancer,” he said.

Mudzingwa said early detection means high chances of cure than late detection.

“All cancers are treatable if discovered early. The problem is that people seek traditional healing as an alternative after failure of the scientific means and they will not realise the benefits. We encourage people to seek treatment early,” he said.

He also called for people to be on the look-out of wanna-be herbalists selling herbs in streets saying people should turn to renowned practitioners.

“Not everyone selling herbs is a herbalist and knows the cure for cancer. Cancer is a different condition that needs careful management, time and medicine and this can have detrimental effects to people. The problem is in the laxity of control and policing hence we have bogus people in streets,” he said.

Traditional doctor Mudzingwa said there is need for urgent referral system and for the country to revert to the patient charter.

“Patients should be given a choice not everyone should just be pushed into the scientific means. The referral system should be encouraged and that way our people will be saved,” he said.

“Cancer is not a new disease, it has always been there and it has been cured before and it can still be cured. We are open to patients for check-ups, examination and treatment. As I have indicated, traditional medicines have an 80 percent success rate,” he said.

He said the Herbal Wellbeing Clinics also deal with other ailments such as diabetes, HIV/AIDS and many others.

“We manage issues of HIV/AIDS with our immune modulators and immune boosters. We also treat STIs and many other ailments such as diabetes. We have also transformed and have our herbs in form of capsules and concentrates just like the modern medicines,” he said.


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