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THERE comes a time in an artist’s life when, as the legendary Tupac told us, ALL EYES WILL BE ON THEM.

That’s where Saintfloew finds himself today – just two days before his emotional comeback show.

For a man who almost lost it all, in a vicious battle against drug and substance abuse, before being rescued by a Good Samaritan, tears could flow on Saturday.

That is the day when the talented singer will make his first public appearance, since he checked into rehabilitation in South Africa, when he performs at Alex Sports Club.

He is set to unveil his debut album titled ‘Rise & Lead,’ as well as meeting his fans.

Unlike his counterpart Blot, Dobba Don, and a host of others who are yet to open up to confront their demons, Saintfloew, with a helping hand from his benefactors, did just that.

And, now, he has to face the fans who feared his career was on the road to destruction.

He has vowed to change the narrative and use his influence to denounce drug and substance abuse.

The Silas Mavende hitmaker has also assured his benefactor, Tinashe Mutarisi that he won’t let down those who sacrificised a lot to help him get another chance.

“I won’t disappoint the people who facilitated this rehabilitation. I needed it the most,” he told H-Metro just before checking into rehabilitation.

“I will come back a new man.”

Zim dancehall sensation Freeman, Noluntu J and Master H are some of Saintfloew’s close friends set to provide cover at his comeback show.

Mutarisi, who is also assisting Saintfloew’s return to music, has vowed to use him as a brand ambassador against drug abuse.

Saintfloew’s clique believes the rapper will make a huge impression and play a big role in the battle against drug and substance abuse.

“It makes sense to hear the gospel of anti-drug and substance abuse coming from the horse’s mouth.

“People will listen and take heed of the advice if they hear their role models denouncing drugs.

“We have been praying for this to happen over the years and Saintfloew is simply a nice guy who can assist us spread the word,” said a member of his clique.

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