All set for triathlon tourney

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All set for triathlon tourney


Richard Zimunya, Sports Reporter

All is set for the Bonaqua Africa Triathlon Cup to be held at Troutbeck in Nyanga tomorrow.

This was confirmed by Triathlon Zimbabwe director Rick Fulton yesterday in an interview with H-metro sport.


“We are good to go , all is set we are ready everything is in place.


“We have been here (Nyanga) since Monday preparing for the tournament and everything is now good to go,” he said.


This year’s event is expected to have a total of 31 foreign elite athletes coming from 9 different countries namely Kenya, Zambia, South Africa, Senegal, Morroco, Namibia, Tahiti, Niger and South Africa.


Fulton went on to reveal that some of the foreign participants landed yesterday in the country.


“Some are already in the country they landed on Wednesday and we expect them here (Nyanga) by end of today ( yesterday).


“Some arrived today ( yesterday) they are spending the night in Harare and they will be here Nyanga tomorrow ( today) morning to do their registration and familiarize with the environment come Saturday we heading straight into the race.


“Obviously there is also the local entries still coming so in total we are expecting about 200 athletes that is both locals and foreigners,” he said.


This 14th edition of the Bonaqua Africa Triathlon Cup Troutbeck was supposed to have been played in February but was postponed due to Covid-19 pandemic measures that were in place by then.


Fulton added that the event is going to be held under Covid-19 protocols.


He said,”We are looking forward to a good event , levels of organization are good.


“We obviously going to make sure we manage all the Covid-19 protocols on top of all the preparations but still that is part of the new normal and we are going to make sure it is going to be safe and healthy for everyone.”


The Bonaqua Africa Triathlon cup Troutbeck started in 1995 and has over the years grown to be an annual event.

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