All Souls High School will be celebrating its centenary next year.

The school’s headmaster, Felix Shoko, said many of their students had done very well academically and in sport.

All Souls High School has a rich history of producing leaders and contributing to the community. 

Shoko expressed his hope that the school will continue to serve as a beacon of education and inspiration for generations to come.

“The idea I want to put to you is that mankind as a species is not a completed being. Individuals must learn to develop further by their own efforts. If they don’t, then they lose the capacity for development.

“Our individual evolution depends on our understanding of what we can become and what we have to do to achieve our goals.

“Always remember that sunshine falls on all surfaces, but it is only the polished surfaces that can reflect the light.

“Polish yourself and reflect the light! We may all face similar circumstances but it is your choice to live under the circumstances or above them.”


All Souls High is a Catholic Institution under the Archdiocese of Harare. The school is under the All Souls Mission.

The Mission was first established in 1924 for purposes of evangelism. The missionaries always twined Christianity with civilisation, and this necessitated building of schools in the background of every mission.

The Mission is a broad establishment of semi-autonomous branches, namely:

(i) The Parish, which covers parts of Mutoko North, and the entire District of Mudzi

(ii) The High School, (boarding)

(iii) The Louisa Guidotti Hospital

(iv) The All Souls Children’s Home

(v) The All Souls Rukau Primary School

The School Motto is ‘Prayer, Knowledge, and Service’.

The school enrols students from any denomination, and teaches Catholic ethos in their everyday life.

(i) Students recite the angelus three times a day. All persons freeze once the angelus bell rings.

(ii) Students go for Holy Mass twice a week on Tuesday and Sunday.

(iii) Every term, students are afforded a complete day of prayer

(iv) Examination classes, in term three, are further given a pilgrimage trip to Mutemwa in Mutoko, where they meet other pilgrims from Southern Africa in prayer. The school chaplain leads in the said activities.

Enrolment: Boys: 222, Girls: 302, total 524.

Teachers: 26 teachers

Ancillary: 21

Academic Excellency: The school enrols students from Form 1-6. The school recruitment is very accommodating, and average students are recruited, not necessarily high fliers. 

Average students are given places, and All Souls teaches, grooms, and help them pass.

The strength of All Souls High is on character formation. The changing of the mind-set is the main task and making the student believe in themselves.

Students are afforded three hours of supervised study, a day, Monday to Sunday. Saturday is left open for rest and laundry.

The examination results are a clear testimony.

O-Level results past 5 years

2018 (92%), 2019 (74%), 2020 (75.4%), 2021 (71%), 2022 (86%)

A-Level results past 5 years

2018 (100%), 2019 (93%), 2020 (96%), 2021 (98%), 2022 (100%)


The school needs to migrate from over dependency on ZESA to solar power. The school will be very glad to get in touch with the All Souls alumni community for development initiatives.

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