Allan Wilson paints collapsing wall

01 Aug, 2018 - 16:08 0 Views
Allan Wilson paints collapsing wall


1 August 2018

ALLAN Wilson High School parents are fuming over the painting of the school’s dilapidated pre-cast wall at the order of the former headmaster.

The painting is almost complete and the former school head is accused of turning a deaf ear to parents’ concern that money is being wasted.

Moreover, the parents are questioning the colours used – pink and white – which have nothing to do with the school colours. They argue that these are feminine colours and their boys can be mocked over having pink walls.

“We are not happy with the headmaster’s decision to allow the painting of the pre-cast wall when it looks dilapidated and needs changing,” one of the disgruntled parents said.

“We suspect that there was a misuse of funds and the painting is being done to justify the squandered money because it is not fair to paint such a pre-cast wall,” said the parent.

The (current) headmaster could not be reached for comment. However, the school development committee chairperson Passmore Muzerengi confirmed the issue.

“The issue of painting was discussed sometime back but I was not aware that it had started already,” said Muzerengi.

“The (current) headmaster is busy at Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC), he could have furnished me with finer details.

“Parents are not happy with the painting and the type of colours used to paint. These are the issues they raised and I am sure it will be repainted to suit the needed colours.

“As for the falling parts, the painters left such parts so as to replace them before painting,” said Muzerengi.

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