Allied Timbers donates timber to PE

03 Dec, 2019 - 14:12 0 Views
Allied Timbers donates timber to PE Prince Edward Headmaster (Second from left), Dr Agrippa Sora and Mr Trymore Chivhinge from Allied Timbers (centre) with PE school staff members


Tanyaradzwa Mamombe, H-Metro Reporter

Allied Timbers yesterday donated timber to Prince Edward School as a way of giving back to the community.

The timber company’s Chief Operations officer Trymore Chivhinge said donating was a corporate social responsibility that is supposed to provide children with conducive learning space.

He also said the program will help schools with their practical work like woodwork.

“Donating timber is a new program that just started, we are going to be giving timber to different schools.

“As a company we are obliged to develop a community and in this case we want to give children a good learning environment.

“We are a tree growing company and we do timber for the people so giving it back to the community to help with its development is a very noble thing to do.

“Giving is part of corporate social responsibility, so as Allied Timber we want the best for the children and to also reduce pressure on the parents.

“Education sector is a very important factor in Zimbabwe so helping especially schools will help the education system to grow,” said Chivhinge.

Prince Edward Headmaster Dr Aggrippa Sora said the donation would help children to acquire skills that will also help them in the future.

“As a school we appreciate the donation as it is going to be used to make new furniture.

“This is going to help toward the development of the school because already we wanted more benches on the soccer fields.

“We hope that this relationship will go a long way and that they will continue helping other schools,” he said.

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