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. . . schools to open in phases
. . . 100 worshippers for churches

Mathew Masinge, H-Metro Reporter

Government has suggested that schools introduce alternative days for attendance of classes by pupils, to ensure each class has no more than 30 pupils.

Addressing post Cabinet briefing yesterday, Education Minister Cain Mathema said schools should also arrange morning and afternoon sessions so as to prevent the spreading of Covid-19 pandemic through crowding.

“. . . schools should arrange morning and afternoon sessions to accommodate all learners.

“Schools should also arrange alternative learning days for non-examination classes like ECD up to Grade 3 can attend lessons on Monday, Wednesday and Friday then Grades 4 and 5 on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

“Similar arrangements should apply for rural and urban secondary schools,” he said.

He said Forms One and Two should attend school on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays while Forms Three and Five attend on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

The minister also said the number of learners in each class should not exceed 30.

“As you know, some classes used to accommodate up to 70 leaners but according to the new regulations by the Ministry of health won’t allow more than 30 in each class.”

He also said more teachers would be made available before schools open.

Schools were also directed to revert to January 2020 fees.

Church gatherings were yesterday revised upwards from the current 50 to 100 congregants.

As at September 21, Zimbabwe had 7 706 confirmed cases, including 5 948 recoveries and 226 deaths.

To implement the new measure, the government has implored that all churches make sure that congregants continue to observe all COVID-19 containment measures by enforcing the compulsory and proper wearing of masks, social distancing and washing of hands.

Meanwhile, ahead of the schools opening next week, the government has also promised to provide PPEs to all teaching staff across the country.

Responding to a question and answer session, Primary and Secondary Education Minister, Cain Mathema said schools reopening will be similar in both towns and rural areas.

“Schools will open in the phased manner with Phase 1 slated for September 28 and this will include the Grade 7, Form 4 and 6.

“Phase 2 will begin on October 26 and this involves Grade 6, Form 3 and 5 whilst Phase 3 which encompasses the ECD A and B, Grades 1,2,3,4 and 5 will begin on November 9,” he said.

Government has also maintained that January fees structures still applies for all learners from primary to tertiary education.

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