Amanda Sagonda loses maintenance claim

12 Oct, 2018 - 13:10 0 Views
Amanda Sagonda loses maintenance claim Amanda Sagonda


12 October 2018

Amanda Sagonda

MUSICIAN Amanda Sagonda yesterday had her bid to access spousal maintenance from her ex-hubby dismissed by a Harare magistrate.

The gospel singer had made the claim earlier this year along with that of her two minor children she sired with ex-husband, Nyasha Machimbira.

Magistrate Shelah Nazombe presided over the matter.

In her ruling, magistrate Nazombe granted $300 for the two minor children effective October 31 but dismissed Sagonda’s bid to benefit from the same well.

Tinashe Machimbira

The order will be effective until the two children reach the ages of 18.

The court noted that the Nyengetera singer was able bodied and was still realising a form of income from her music hence she could not claim anything from Machimbira.

The magistrate also took into consideration that it was the responsibility of both parents to look after their children.

Sagonda was also claiming school fees arrears to which the court dismissed giving the right of claim to the concerned schools.


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