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SOUTH Africa-based house music producer, Panashe “Master Shekkor” Chamboko, has earned himself a deal to produce an American artist, TMcCrae, on a song titled Pulling You Closer.

Master Shekkor is working with McCrae and co-producing the song with Grammy Award nominee producer, Martin Mity Maose Prospere.

Some of MityMacie’s works include his production on Drake’s March 14th 1 track, which earned him both his multi-platinum and Grammy-nominated titles

“This is my very first official project that I produced for an American artist and it features me and as well a Grammy Award nominee MaryMaose,” said Chamboko

Pulling You Closer is dropping early September and this is T McCrae’s first international collaboration and his first time recording music in the genre of Amapiano.

“I am co-producing this with Mity Maose, who also produced my last six single releases

“Pulling YouCloser packs a power full punch with its South African influences, combined with traditional western dance house and pop flavours and influences, and pays homage to Mama Africa, lyrically incorporating Zulu, Swahili, Yoruba.

“In the song, McCrae was on the lead and I was more on the backings.”

The producer said he has some upcoming projects.

“I also have other upcoming projects one is set to drop this Friday, I worked with some local South African artists based in KwaZulu Natal province.

“There is also another collaboration I did with Wanine Zovitzkey and Matthew Andre which will be ready on August 4, the song is called Embers.

“Embers is a song that talks about a lost lover trying to find their way back into one’s lide after multiple disappointments

“I definitely have a lot in store for this summer 2003 as I am working on an EP Titled “The FoodLover’s EP which also features South Africa’s Mang Dakiwe hitmaker, Leon Lee.”

Master Shekkor added:

“I also have more upcoming exciting collaborations to look for from countries such as Ethiopia, Uganda, Tanzania, DRC, Zambia, Namibia, Botswana just to mention a few.”

Mity Maose has crafted unique com positions for Fox Empire, Amanda Seales Small Doses podcast, Drake. King Mas, Chip, among others.


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