AMINI SCORES OWN GOAL..Baby mama accuses him of neglecting his son …Allegations rock his ‘perfect’ family man image

Latwell Nyangu

IN the last two weeks, Soccer Star of the Year Qadr Amini has provided the example of a footballer who ticks all the boxes — a fine leader of his team, a proud family man and a loving husband to his two wives.

He has been hailed as a model celebrity who has taken his two wives, Esther Master (32) and Millicent Ruvimbo Museta (27), to the two occasions where he enjoyed his finest hour in his football career.

The 33-year-old celebrated with his two wives when he was crowned Soccer Star of the Year in Harare and the Ngezi Platinum Stars Player of the Year in Ngezi.

A devoted Muslim, whose faith allows him to have more than one wife, Amini has been praised for his decision to settle with the two women he chose as his wives.

In a game which has had its fair share of its married stars, whose private lives ended up being messy, after being caught up in scandals involving girlfriends, Amini has been hailed as a very good example.

However, it appears Amini is not the perfect husband, as his recent images have appeared to project.

He has a six-year-old boy, who was sired at the same time he was arranging a court wedding with another woman, Kudzanai Mangachena.

They later divorced.

Karen Nyasha Moyanah emerged, just after that wedding, with Qasim Amini, who was then only three-months-old.

The child, Qasim Amini, is now in Grade One.

Karen claims Amini has been neglecting his son and, when she recently asked for a helping hand, he sent her US$30.

“When I started dating Amini, I was young and naive achindinyepera kuti achandichengeta,” she told H-Metro.

“I got pregnant at 16 years and gave birth at 17 years.

“After giving birth, he dumped me and I have been reaching out to him for help and he would not pitch up. He is giving a picture as a responsible family guy whereas he is not fending for his child Qasim Amini.


“Since 2017, I have looked after this kid alone.”

If Karen was 16 when she fell pregnant, as she claims, does it mean, in strict legal terms, she was raped?

She added:

“On November 15 that’s when he sent me US$30 on Innbucks which was meant for a trip but the trip was going for US$60 but he told me kuti imwe yacho ndizvionere.

“I have been looking after the kid from food, rentals, clothes plus paying fees.

“The child is now in Grade One and he doesn’t even know where we are staying.

“In case his child gets sick, where will he come?”

Contacted for comment, Qadr said Karen was “a drama queen.”

“Haa vakadzi mahwani, nekuti I am now a Soccer Star of the Year, ndopaakuuya?

“Why akutaura nhasi, she has problems.

“Honestly, I don’t know nyaya dzake, nyaya dzake handingadziteedzere.

“As long as mwana wangu angori happy chete handina pressure nazvo. Uyu ane madrama and she even brought the child here and nditori naye kuno mwana wacho.

“It’s up to you kumuteedzera, but atoriwo nemadrama.”

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