Zvikomborero Parafini 

THE teenager, accused of leaking Felisha ‘Fifi’ Muzeya’s nude pictures, has written to the Police Commissioner General urging the police to widen their investigations in order to get to the bottom of the matter.

Through his lawyer, Admire Rubaya, Amir Mhaka said a lot of facts have emerged since his arrest which require the police’s intervention.

Mhaka raised concerns that he has faced ill-treatment from the social media court of public opinion due to the popularity of Fifi’s mother, comedienne Mai Titi.

He said he has been abused online and has been left with no choice but to engage the police with the belief that if the matter is extensively investigated there will be a real need for the National Prosecuting Authority to reconsider its decision on whether to prosecute him or not.

Mhaka further stated that he complied with a warrant of search and seizure which required him to surrender his phone to an officer.

Maka further cried foul that he hasn’t been invited by the police to witness the cyber team accessing his phone leaving a real risk that it could be tempered with .

“The obvious question that arises, therefore, is who is responsible for the leak of those images?”

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