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Bbi Masia, Entertainment Reporter

AMMARA Brown has expressed delight after sharing the stage with Alick Macheso at the National Awards Merit Awards ceremony held at HICC over the weekend.

Ammara shared on her social media handles that the day was everything to her as she also shared the stage with Ti Gonzi and Freeman.

“I was very happy to share a stage with the legendary King of Sungura, Chesopower.

“It was everything to me when I heard him saying ‘I am so proud of you my daughter’. Really the honour was mine because I was blessed,” Ammara said.

She also shared pictures, which tells a thousand of words with herself and Ti Gonzi and with Freeman performing on the stage.

“Were you entertained? Because I had the time of my life alongside power houses, Alick Macheso, Ti Gonzi and Freeman, Tnash photograph and Ting Multimedia,” reads part of her post.

Before the 19th NAMAs, Ammara had promised an amazing time.

She was looking forward to a great performance alongside Freeman , Ti Gonzi and Macheso, which turned out to be.


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