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…speaks on comparisons, mentorship, pride

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GOSPEL musician, producer and fitness enthusiast, Amos Mahendere, keeps evolving.

The Chitungwiza bred entertainer, who was part of the mighty Mahendere Brothers, has earned himself the new title – Evangelist Father Mahendere.

The 45-year-old exclusively told H-Metro Entertainment & Lifestyle of his new title after being conferred with certificates in Pastoral Ministry and Counselling over the weekend.

Although he now qualifies to be an ordained pastor, the energetic performer said prefers his new title which gives him freedom to minister across various churches.

Amos Mahendere

Now an ordained pastor, Amos said he would like to start off as an evangelist and minister the word of God wherever is called.

Amos has offered himself to the interdenominational world to be precise.


The versatile entertainer, who has been serving various churches as a praise and worship leader, says he doesn’t regret his decision to go back to school.

“I have been sitting on this calling to become a pastor and save my Lord for years but there is time for everything.

“There are several church elders who have been encouraging me to go to Bible School since the late 90s but I finally made a decision after being convinced by Prophet Makandiwa.

“The man of God was open to me when he advised me that I needed to go back to school and I am really enjoying my pastoral studies,” he said.

The Hupenyu Hwepanyika composer said he doesn’t regret the decision he made to serve the Lord.

“After being conferred with those two certificates, I’m not stopping anytime from now.

“In January, I will be doing my diploma and then upgrade to degree level.

“I have learnt quite a lot as a preacher and I am now willing to save the Lord with distinction after being empowered at school.

“There are so many things that we have been doing wrongly because I was in the dark but I am happy that I am now teaching people something that I understand better,” he said.


Amos, who is equally ecstatic after becoming the first sibling in his family to be conferred with the certificate in Pastoral Ministry, said he was leading by example.

“I have always wanted to represent my family with pride over the years.

“I assumed the fatherly role long back when I was still introducing my siblings Michael and Misheck into the band – Mahendere Brothers.

“Michael has since established himself at UFI while Misheck also doibng well in Thohoyandou in Limpopo, South Africa.

“I’m really proud with my siblings because they are doing what I really taught them,” he said.


With may a critic drawing sharp comparisons among the Mahendere siblings as to who is now on top of his game, Amos said he enjoys the debate.

“I don’t mind being compared to my siblings because I know I have done my part to lift them to those levels.

“I have always maintained that I am their father figure, a role I maintained for years.

“I won’t lose sleep over those comparisons because I am their teacher.

“No matter how good one becomes in life, they won’t beat their teachers,” he said.

He added:

“I’m also glad that I represent a rare brother who always show siblings how it is done.

“For your own information, my siblings Michael and Misheck are now doing pastoral studies and they haven’t graduated as we speak.

“In fact, I am the first in the family to get this certificate, which belongs to the family.

“We are not in any way competing but I just want to show my brothers the way and how is done.”

He, however, said he would not stop people from making comparisons.

“Whenever you see people making comparisons, it means there is an option.

“Comparisons are a sign of progress which is taking place and in this case we are cool as a family.

“I have even addressed this issue at Michael’s album launch that we don’t compete but complement each other.

“My younger brother Michael also cleared the air and told guests that we are cool as a family.

“However, I can’t stop people from making comparisons because they have the freedom to do so but we are united as a family.”


Like most of his peers in the mainstream music industry, Amos said he would not end the year 2021 empty handed.

“Despite my commitment with school work, I am actually busy in the studio putting together my first solo album titled Serendipity as an individual.

“It’s my first solo album in the sense that I put it together without my siblings; there is no Mahendere brothers on this album but it’s purely Amos alone.

“Initially, Serendipity was a single but I decided to make it a whole album that we will be released before Christmas,” he said.

Amos said he was also working on visuals to complement the audios.

“As has become the norm nowadays, we are now investing heavily in videos and there is no way I can afford to relax and rely on audios.

“It’s a known fact in showbiz that visuals appeal a lot since they tell your story better,” he said.


Meanwhile, Amos said he was pleased by the support he has been receiving from his wife Noliwe.

“My wife has always been my pillar over the years and she is behind everything that I do in life.

“She was really impressed when I graduated and she advised me that she also wants to study.

“I won’t stop on her way if she is really serious. I’m just glad that I have a wife who understands my vision and plans.

“It is my wish that we age gracefully together and leave a legacy.”

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