Andy Brown’s sister conquers France

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Andy Brown’s sister conquers France Queen Mashie


Trust Khos, Assistant News Editor

France based mbira princess and beautician Queen Mashie reckons she has made great strides in penetrating Europe.

Born Tatenda Sandra Mashiringo, the much-travelled diva who is sister to the late Andy Brown, said resilience has kept her relevant in the game.

She opened up ahead of the release of her new single titled Unbreakable due for release this weekend.


The song will have an accompanying video.

In an interview with H-Metro, Queen Mashie said she has finally settled in Europe owing to her creative edge and touch.


“I have managed to penetrate the international market because of my unique style of music and working along international musicians and producers as well as touring,” she said.

The talented choreographer described her latest single as a teaser of more works to come.


She however said she took her time working on the project to ensure it’s of superior quality.


“It took me for months (working on it)…the longest time I ever worked on a single.


“Women of steel is the theme and it’s my inspiration after I went through a very difficult phase of my life,” said Queen Mashie who has been based in France for five years.


After the single, Queen Mashie said she would not rest on her laurels.


“I am (currently) working on my album called Let The Music Play.


“All the songs have been written and composed. It’s only getting into the studio,” she said.


She also brought to sleep unconfirmed reports that she had quit music.


“Music is my life, that’s why I return with this single Unbreakable to assure all my fans that no matter some difficulties in my life, my music will always play and I am unbreakable,” she said.


Queen Mashie said family matters almost stalled her progress but she was now in a better situation.


“For the past three years I have been in a complex situation due to family problems and I don’t like mixing my private my private life with my music, neither do I like resolving my personal problems on social media.


“I prefer to take a step down so that’s what has been happening the past three years and now 1 am back.”


Like any other foreign artiste plying her trade in Europe, she said she was also encountering challenges.


“It’s very difficult in Europe to find musicians who can play the African rhythms here in France, so putting up a band is really complicated.


“Most musicians in Europe have other jobs to do, so for making a rehearsal schedule you can’t get everyone at the same day or time, which will force me to do rehearsals with individuals, its costs.


“There are also musicians from all around, so I really have to push hard for my music to be recognised more in France,” she said.


Being a sister to the late Andy Brown, Queen Mashie vowed to play her part on restoring the departed crooner’s legacy.


“Brown has groomed me musically and my music has some of his influence and his legacy shall live on.


“Brown having a sister and three of his children Ammara, Chengeto and Alex in music, we will continue to let him shine vari pasi,” said Queen Mashie who rate Andy Brown’s children in music high


With most artistes reeling from the Covid-19 pandemic which has eroded their earnings, Queen Mashie said she managed to come up with something.


“For me it was a blessing in disguise on the other hand because I managed to use the lockdown time to put myself together, record my single.


“On the other hand, I miss live performances since they are the ones we most live of,” said the songstress who is also discovered a hidden talent as a writer.


On her piece of advice to fellow artistes back home who are grounded on lockdown, she added:


“I would like to advise them to use the lockdown time to explore new ideas on how to push their works, to take advantage of the technology and social media. Everything has its own time.”


Queen Mashie is a versatile artistes who was born and raised in Zimbabwe.


She was raised in a musical family where she was exposed to folk music.


As a solo artiste, she boasts of five albums to her credit namely Higher Heights released in 2006, Kare Kare (2008),  Queen Mashie Collaboration (2009), Mbijana Mbijana (2011) and Time released in 2015.


She also boasts of well-knit single namely Rise recorded in 2017 featuring Ammara Brown and Cheu featuring BaShupi.


Queen Mashie’s music is also available on EPK Music,Sonoton Music, Itunes, Spotify, CDBaby, SoundCloud Career Highlights.


Besides music, she is also a fashion designer, actress and beautician, making her versatile.


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