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Trust Khosa, Assistant News Editor

A LOCAL music fan, who shares the Gushungo totem with Andy Muridzo, been accused of abusing their friendship to allegedly get favours from the crooner’s ‘blessers’ and well-to-do fans.

The suspected con artist, Tatenda Gomwe, 30, who has been hanging around with the Jeetaz Band leader and religiously following his shows, has reportedly become a thorn in the butt in Muridzo’s life,

Gushungo and Muridzo

It has been now been established that the is the situation is so dire that Muridzo’s handlers have issued a warning to their fans that Tatenda – better known as Gushungo in their circles – has nothing to do with their business affairs.

Gushungo has even claimed that Andy Muridzo was grooming him as an artiste, a claim Baba Keketso dismissed as ‘hogwash’ and ‘lies’.

Muridzo’s camp opened up after complaints that Gushungo was allegedly asking for favours and money using Baba Keketso’s name from his sponsors.

As such, the 28-year-old crooner decided to bring the matter to sleep by warning his close associates and ‘blessers’ about Gushungo’s alleged conduct.

“This man called Gushungo has created a lot of problems for us as he moves around telling people that he is running Andy Muridzo’s affairs and even asking for money.

“What I know is that the two – Tatenda and Andy Muridzo – share the Gushungo totem and that might have brought them closer.

“Gushungo has been hanging around Andy and even trailing him like a shadow just to get favours but we are now worried that he is abusing the association,” said Andy Muridzo’s manager, Onismo Sani.

Asked what really irked them following investigations, Saini said:


“The guy is a liar and we has been misrepresenting to people at a time when we are trying to build rebrand Anyd Muridzo’s brand.

“He is now portraying Andy Muridzo as a beggar and lazy man who cannot work for himself and we are just against that conduct.

“Of course we can’t disown fans but he needs to know his limits.”

Similar sentiments were echoed by Andy Muridzo who was worried by the conduct of the ‘good fan gone bad’.

“Surely it’s bad for people to move around telling lies just because we share the same totem.

“This man is a fraud and don’t believe his stories because he wants to get mileage through association.

“I would like to warn our sponsors, fans and the corporate world that Gushungo is not running my affairs but indeed a fraud,” he said.

Contacted for comment, a seething Gushungo said:

Andy Muridzo

“I know people will say a lot of fun stuff but what I can tell you right now is that Andy is my relative.

“I have been attending his shows as a relative and fan and people like Onismo Saini are insecure when they see me with Andy Muridzo.

“Onismo feels insecure because I told Andy Muridzo where he was failing to run the band so we are dealing with a bitter man called Onismo but Andy has no problems and I can even call him now.”

On claims that Andy Muridzo was grooming him, he continued:

“Well, on that one I wanted it to appear like I have mastered the art of singing from Andy since we move around together.

“I wanted it to appear in public as if Andy was the one who groomed me and I don’t think it’s an issue.

“After all, I am not the only person who has done that before so you don’t have to take that issue serious since I wanted my fans to have a belief that I was groomed by Andy even if he didn’t play a part.

“From what you have gathered and what I told you, I think you can come up with the story that will nice; I mean a story that will not expose me or him.”

Moments later after realising that he had been exposed, Gushungo called H-Metro begging for the story to be watered down.

“I think another option would be to leave the Andy Muridzo part that I told you and concentrate on my own part.

“I have noted that there is a lot of stuff which is coming up right now and I don’t think it would be nice if you go ahead with the story.”

Gushungo has been a regular fan at Andy Muridzo’s shows and even featured in some shows.

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