Andy Muridzo manager quits

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Andy Muridzo manager quits Andy Muridzo with former manager Gift Petro


Mathew Masinge, Entertainment Reporter

Contemporary musician Andy Muridzo has parted ways with his manager Gift Petro after three years.

Reports say the two ended their ‘affair’ over the weekend with Petro indicating that he was pursuing other avenues presented in his way.

Andy Muridzo with former manager Gift Petro

The news come after a lot has been happening in the musician’s camp with Petro citing imposition and mismanagement from Andy’s new wife, Nyarie, who is being accused of running things from their bedroom.

Gift, one of the longest serving members of the Jeetaz Band, had overseen production of Andy’s Tichambotenderera and Munondo albums.

“I have tried my best to push Andy’s brand since I joined him in 2016 but my hands seem to be tied now.

“Ever since he moved in with his new wife, she has brought divisions that are slowing everything down in the camp. I can’t work under such conditions and I don’t answer to ‘petticoat government’.

“I have been hanging on for some time now and my departure which comes after other band members had left should be a sign enough that his empire is crumbling,” said Petro.

Petro said his move is a blessing in disguise.

“I am currently studying towards a Business Management degree at the University of Zimbabwe and registered my own and events management company which I intend to open soon.

“I would have loved to continue working with Andy, reengage corporates with him and to rebrand him but the environment is no longer friendly for such business,” he claimed.

Sources say, Onisimo Saini has taken over in the meantime whilst others say Nyarie’s brother John Mukucha is the favourite to land the post.

Petro also lamented the way Andy is falling for Nyarie’s influence.

“All those following news around Andy will learn that it’s only less than three months since nine members left and formed their band and now I am quitting.

“I even tried to warn him against dumping his former wife and children to move in with Nyarie at her Mt Pleasant house, now everything seem to be backfiring,” he added.

Contacted for comment, Andy could not confirm or deny the fallout with Petro.

“I am choosing to concentrate on my forthcoming album which is due on August 22.

“I am in the studio 24/7 and won’t be dragged into any issues at the moment. I have even cancelled a few shows to make sure the album is done,” said Andy.

At his helm, Petro managed to organise tours in South Africa, UK and Botswana for the singer.

Petro was also on the forefront fighting in Andy’s corner after the Bev saga and the musician’s hit-and-run accident scandal that saw him being fined $450 by the courts.

Petro also becomes the third handler to leave the Dherira hit-maker after Filda ‘Mama Filo’ Muchabaiwa and Simbarashe Nyaunga.

To date, Petro has been involved with other artistes such as Pah Chihera, Kapfupi and Botswana’s Slizer and Charma Gal.




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