Latwell Nyangu

AMBASSADOR at Large Uebert Angel’s initiative to launch a clean-up initiative in Mbare is a response to the cholera outbreak, his office has said.

He is working with a number of other stakeholders in the campaign.

“As Office of the Presidential Envoy Ambassador at Large (OPEAL) the Ambassador is pushing Vision 2030 with key focus on health upgrade and community development as a healthy nation is a productive nation,” the official said.

“The Ambassador is also aiming at upgrading health centres, prevention and eradication of cholera-related deaths.

“OPEAL seeks to empower youth engagement, in national development projects, by opening Zimbabwe to foreign investors that bring in their technology and human capital and expertise to train our local young graduates.

“Mbare is the keystone in such a move through our cooperation with the Ministry of Health, the City of Harare and Geo Pomona Waste (Pvt) Ltd.”

The Councillor for Ward 3 in Mbare, Simbarashe Chanachimwe, said this is a very good partnership which was at the heart of the well-being of the residents of Mbare.

“We managed to source the resources and a partnership with Ambassador Uebert Angel has assisted us to work on this campaign,” he said.

A Mbare resident said:

“We want to thank our Councillor for initiating this campaign together with Ambassador Angel.

“Ambassador Angel has remembered us the people of Mbare.

“He has helped us with resources as we intensify the fight against cholera and other related diseases.”

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