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Arron Nyamayaro, H-Metro Reporter

THE Anglican Cathedral church on Sunday became a house of war as congregants demonstrated over maladministration of funds meant for a housing scheme for the church members.

Men and women removed church regalia while some were holding placards baying for the church Reverend Barnabas Munzvandi’s blood.

Reverend Barnabas Munzvandi

Rev Munzvandi was being accused of receiving money in foreign currency from 1950 members including some who are outside the country promising to help in acquiring residential stands under Anglican Housing project dubbed Northley Park since 2015.

Rev Munzvandi together with Rev Seremani and Rev William Nyapokoto were further accused of failing to pay rates to Norton Town Council despite collecting money since 2016.


“Please produce our title deeds, rate payers’ certificate, EMA certificate and site plan; without that rova pasi.

“We want Munzvandi and his running committee out of our project. The land is ours,” read some of the placards.


Rev Munzvandi was reported to have rushed to Norton Town Council last Wednesday to clear part of the rates from 2017 to 2020 after learning that some of the beneficiaries had visited the council to enquire about their stands.

“Rev Munzvandi wanted the issue of rates arrears to remain confidential and had no kind words for Council officials over allowing beneficiaries to access and enquire about payments and progress,” said the victim.


“We now want a financial audit to be carried out as well as making sure Rev Munzvandi and his committee resign.

“They never gave us a financial statement but were fooling us with unfulfilled promises in the name of peace when they are hyenas in sheep’s skin,” fumed one of the victims.


Contacted for comment, Rev Munzvandi said the church would issue a statement.

“I have just been in touch with my authorities, they are going to make a statement in the Herald newspaper, there is no statement from me for now,” he said.

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