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Latwell Nyangu, H-Metro Reporter

A local animator has come up with an animation series and books which he believes will change the arts industry in the country.

Oscar Lwalwe has already completed auditions for his first series dubbed Patriotic Force.

He is also working on an animation book which he wants to help children.


“These series are coming from a comic book and I started doing this in 2018 and have been working on visuals and sounds.

“We did auditions last year in July with local actors and actresses.


“The series will be launched soon at a date to be announced,” said Oscar.


He said he has featured 19 artists.


“Since then I have been recording and I featured 19 actors and actresses.


“It’s an epic series of eight super heroes who were trying to save their city and it also teaches about patriotism, so that we learn to protect our own territories.


“All the languages are used in the series.


“And we are trying to take this to the world that animation can break the arts industry.


“Remember that’s what Super Strikers in South Africa did and it boosted the South African animation industry then they started to animate.


“Now Super Strikers is the only African Animation aired in America on Disney XD,” he added.


Patriotic Force production name is BAG Comics (Black Avant-Garde Comics) which is an entertainment production under Black Avant-Garde

Association which was co-founded in 2017.


The project has brought together several film and sound productions namely Gasany Media, NYTV, REID,HMP production and Mydus Music Production to work together this is to enforce the collaboration strategies in Zimbabwean film industry.


Patriotic Force is being produced by Happiness Matondo, Nelson Alufisi and a student Producer currently at University of Zimbabwe, Shamaine Matemererwa.


Actors playing main characters Alayinah Halera,Silent Mago,Chashe Washe ,Talent Dhorobha, Maritawana Dhliwayo, Ronald Mudengezi , Nomsa Mandaza and Nargee Musharuqa


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