Anne Nhira praised for stopping Zodwa Wabantu

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Anne Nhira praised for  stopping Zodwa Wabantu


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FORMER Studio 263 actor Charles Kapfupi, who starred in the soap opera as Mr Wakanaka, described the late Anne Nhira as a well-mannered woman.

Mr Wakatama said this in reference to Nhira’s bold stance in stopping Zodwa Wabantu from coming to the Harare International Carnival.


“Anne Nhira was a God-fearing person, phenomenal actress and someone who believed in her culture.


“I will always remember her for her bold stance a er she stopped Zodwa Wabantu from coming to perform in Zimbabwe pantless.


“Her move divided opinions after she successfully lobbied Government.


“In life we need people who stand for what’s right like what she did on Zodwa Wabantu, who ended up aborting the trip to the capital.


“We need more people of her calibre who are bold enough to represent others,” he said.


Mr Wakatama said Nhira left an indelible mark as an actress.


“Judging by want she did and achieved in a short space of time, Nhira made watching television a must. It was through her leading role that Zimbabweans fell in love with Studio 263.


“I also feel proud to have worked with her and we would like to thank our Government for giving her this huge send-off .


“It’s a befitting farewell considering what she did for the film industry.


“She de ed odds; that despite her humble background she made it to the elite league of stars,” he said.


Similar sentiments were echoed by fellow actress Fatima Makunganya.


“As an actress, Anne Nhira is one of the reasons why Studio 263 was enjoyable.


“We will definitely miss her although I did not have an opportune to act with her.


“She was a fine actress who defied odds and went on to shine on the small screen,” she said.


She, however, urged fellow artistes to invest in their health and funeral assurance schemes.


“It’s fine that the Government has assisted us, but we need to do something as artistes.


“We need to join medical aid schemes and stop relying on well-wishers when misfortunes like death or illness befall us.


“Our Government has shown us that they are concerned about our welfare, but as artistes we also need to play our part.


“We can’t remain a charity case for ever, but we need to be self-reliant,” she added.

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