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AN additional 1600 tertiary students have been roped onto the OPEAAL Mnangagwa Scholarship Scheme, bringing the number of beneficiaries to more than 8000, since its inception.

The initial target of the programme is to have, at least, 10 000 students being covered.

The OPEAAL Mnangagwa Scholarship Scheme, which Ambassador Uebert Angel sponsors from his own resources without recourse to public or government funds, was founded in honour of President Mnangagwa.

This year, most of the beneficiaries have been from polytechnics as they were being overlooked for some time.

“At least, 1600 new students, throughout the country, have been drafted into the OPEAAL Mnangagwa Scholarship Scheme after the elections,” a spokesperson told H-Metro yesterday.

“As we have said before, this initiative is apolitical and there were some mischievous people who were claiming that our scholarship programme was just for the elections and everything will stop after the polls.

“Well, we have just shown that this was not true by bringing in the new group of students who are now under our scheme.

“We are getting closer and closer to our initial target of 10 000 beneficiaries.”

A number of new beneficiaries have recorded videos, congratulating President Mnangagwa, for winning the elections, and expressing their gratitude for the golden chance that has been given to them by the scholarship scheme.

While most scholarships target students based on their outstanding academic qualities, the OPEAAL Mnangagwa Scholarship targets those bright but vulnerable students who are unlikely to pursue their studies because of financial challenges.

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