CHAMPION College Chief Executive Officer, Dr Tendesai Mushamba, got another feather in the cap when he was honoured with the Coach Mentorship at the Africa One Identity seminar and gala awards dinner.

Dr Mushamba has received five awards this year.

Dr Mushamba said he will continue to raise the college’s flag higher.

The recognition comes a few months after Dr Mushamba won the Businessman Of the year award, College of the Year award and the Academic Leadership Excellence Organisation Of The Year award.

He was also honoured with the Zimbabwe Institute of Strategic Thinking award.

He was also awarded at the Entreprenuers Network of Zimbabwe Golden award in 2023.

Champion College now has more than 200 students. 

“We will continue to make an impact at our college. We believe the reason why we continue shining is because of excellent relationships we have with our clients and those surrounding us.

“This award is going to force my team and I to push and fast-track what we, as an organisation, agreed upon and we are building a boarding school in Uzumba.

“It shows that our efforts are valued and inspires us to strive for even greater accomplishments.

“We are talking from the inception of our college where it started at a rally, guidance moving to a single room.

“We have more than 200 students recording splendid results that are not even produced in schools that have been established for a long time.

“And this can be evidenced by ten students who scored 15 points in Cambridge sciences and also nearly ten students who managed to attain five As and above at our school.

“We are complementing education though we are coming in as private investors in the business after we realised that Zimbabwe is short of around 3000 schools.

“At Champion College we are deeply concerned with positive results and, to achieve this, we first of all identify learning challenges in individuals,” he said.

Champion College is now the talk of town, and beyond, as it provides a very strong and permanent academic foundation for a successful high school career.

The motto at Champion College is ‘Where Success Is Guaranteed,” simply because it provides the relevant support to enable learners to achieve high flying results.

This is made possible by the maintenance of low teacher to learner ratio to achieve the best results.

All this is done with the full blessing of parents or guardians, who are also deeply involved in the education of their children.

The low teacher to student ratio actually enables the learning facilitators or classroom practitioners to have enough time to study learning challenges and then devise ways and means to effectively address such learning challenges.


Edzai Kachirekwa — President of Afro-Eurasia Energy Centre and CEO of Power Giants

Dr Eric Francis — Founder of Fresh Kambucha (Pvt) Ltd

Dr Matsetse Mpete — Entreprenuer /Author /Légal Consultant (Public Speaker), Humanitarian

Dr Paida Jakachira — Speedlink Cargo, HR Systems and Analyst Manager

Dr Muzamhindo — ZIST Chief Executive Officer

Kelelo Dhlamini — Founder and Visionary of Africa Identity Unite

Rose Nhamo — CEO Distinctive Consultancy (Private) Limited.

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