Another fire in Glen View

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Another fire in Glen View


8 August 2018

GLEN VIEW 8 Complex informal traders were at the receiving end for the second time this year after their goods caught fire on Sunday.

Eight stallholders in the complex were left despondent as fire destroyed their goods.

The fire is alleged to have started around 3am on Sunday.

“I only got to know about the fire when I got here at work only to be met with ashes, everything I sell was burnt.

“I sell boards and wardrobes but nothing was left.

“My goods were worth thousands and it’s all gone,” said Farai Nyamadzawo.

The security guards who were on duty around the time the fire started, managed to control the fire before it further damaged the complex.

Traders are now selling in fear and are desisting from keeping their stock in the complex as fire can just start anytime.

“There is nothing we can do to solve this problem, unless the council is involved, maybe they can help put order in this place.

“We just have to risk it and we will keep risking our lives and our goods because even if we leave this place we have nowhere else to go.

“Already people are being chased away from the CBD, maybe they will also come destroy this place because there is so much disorder in here,” said a concerned trader.

Traders are appealing to the council and authorities to help with the current situation in the complex whereby disorder, negligence, grudges and disputes are the main causes of the fire.

“No one really is in charge of this place hence no one takes responsibility of anything.

“The authorities should come and allocate different traders in accordance to what they sell, this will help manage the fire even when it starts.

“We don’t mind paying a certain fee to have them here as long as they fix and maintain order in this place.

“We don’t even have toilets in the complex, that’s how bad things are in here,” said Amai Manyika.

Several complaints have been made by the traders but nothing has been fixed as yet.

There have been promises of a borehole in the complex in case a fire starts again but it hasn’t been drilled yet.

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