ANOTHER MAN FOOLS LOVER, COPS THAT HE IS A WOMAN . . . he even spent a weekend in female remand prison

Zvikomborero Parafini 

ANOTHER daring man fooled the police, court and prosecutors that he was a woman and was even sent to the female remand prison last week.

He was dragged to court accused of stealing from his “boyfriend”.

Using the name Tadiwanashe Bene, Morgan Bene deceived Luckmore Chinyemba into believing that he was a woman.

During the course of their relationship, Chinyemba left him at his market when he went to get additional supplies.

When he returned, Bene had stolen various items valued at US$103.

Bene was arrested and hauled to court last Friday and was remanded in custody to Monday.

He managed to get away with the lie that he was a girl and in the process deceived police officers who arrested him, officers in the vetting office, the court and prison officers.

He was released on bail on Monday.

Bene then went back to his area, where he operated as a female sex worker, targeting farmers, who were selling their tobacco there. He was in the company of his friend Fadzai Joseph.

Apparenly, Joseph had received complaints from a male client called Sammy who said Bene was refusing to be touched on his breasts.

Joseph teamed with other members of the public and undressed Bene, who was wearing a blue dress, and found out that he was a man.

They alerted the police and he was arrested.

The dress and bra he was wearing were produced in court before magistrate Rufaro Panavanhu. Bene was sent to a male remand prison this time around and is back in court today for sentence.

Rumbidzai Chikoto appeared for the State.

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