APOLOGISE OR ELSE…. . . The fine line dividing Levels, Shashl

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APOLOGISE OR ELSE…. . . The fine line dividing Levels, Shashl SHASHL (left) with a bouncer


Zvikomborero Parafini

SONGBIRD Shashl’s rape and physical abuse allegations against Chillspot producer, Tafadzwa ‘Levels’ Kadzimwe, were yesterday placed on hold pending discussions that he makes a public apology first.

Such an apology will then lead her into depositing a withdrawal affidavit.

Levels was arraigned before the courts facing three charges of rape, physical abuse and transmission of pornography.

He was only formally placed before the court for transmitting intimate pictures of him and Shashl.

The other two charges were referred back to the police after indications that she wanted to withdraw the allegations.

H-Metro is reliably informed that the process of withdrawal couldn’t be done yesterday because of the conditions Shashl attached.

It’s reported that she wants him to make a public apology, something Levels is hesitant to do.

The producer feels he has no reason to apologise ‘for the rape and physical abuse charges,’ which he is pleading not guilty to.

An apology, his camp believe, will then send the signal that he has a case to answer.

The allegations related to the transmission of intimate pictures are that Levels and Shashl had been dating from September last year to last month.

It is the State’s case that during their relationship, they had some misunderstandings, which resulted in Shashl breaking up with Levels.

It is alleged Levels tried to plead with Shashl to the extent of following her to Pabloz Club.

But, the State claims, she spurned him and he ended up threatening that she would regret her stance.

After the alleged threats, on November 27, Shashl saw her viral videos and pictures on social media.

She suspected that he had leaked the pictures as revenge porn since he had posted a video of them kissing in August.

Levels was released by Harare magistrate Kudzai Zihove on $20 000 bail and was ordered to report once a fortnight at Rhodesville Police Station and not to interfere with State witnesses.

Levels was accompanied by his partner at Chillspot, DJ Fantan, Zimdancehall star Enzo Ishall as well as Ras Pompey.

He is expected back in court on December 20.

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