Apostle celebrates 50 years in marriage

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Apostle celebrates 50 years in marriage Bishop Timothy Charema


Tichavona Makonese

A LOCAL apostle has released a book to celebrate 50 years in marriage and has conceded that most pastors face marital challenges.

The book is titled ‘‘The Journey To The Pulpit.’’

Bishop Timothy Charema, of Bethel Assemblies Church, launched his first book of his Christian journey, as well as reflecting on his marriage life, recently.

Speaking during the launch, Apostle Charema said:

“The book would not have been possible if it had not been for the people who continuously encouraged me to write again and again, having lost many transcripts.

“Some of my pastors failed because of marriage discord and I thank God for being on my side.

“I would like to thank you for grooming me, you changed my perspective, l am no longer the same again, you stood by me you gave me strength, it was a tough journey.

“We stayed together through ups and down, it’s my prayer that we achieve both physical assets and spiritual things together, l strongly believe that we are heading towards success.”

Apostle Charema said he was also using the book to celebrate the life he has shared with his wife.

“I would like to thank the Almighty and I want to appeal to readers that they should not substitute the Bible with my book.

“No book in the world can substitute the Bible.

“Distinguishing between God’s interest and personal interests is always very important.

“I have learnt to follow God’s interest and that is why l am also looking to celebrate my 50 years in marriage with my wife, serving God.”

Bishop Charema said despite challenges, the spiritual ministry work should continue.

“l had one silver pot which l had received from one of my first converts. I used the same pot to cook sadza and meat.

“I slept on a rough floor with no bed and used a tent bench as sofa.

“So, the journey to the pulpit is not that easy, it needs God’s grace.

“My marriage is divine as evidenced by the work also done by my wife in the church, she managed to fit into the shoes of a pastor’s wife very well.

“She would do some Ministry work before she was ordained as a pastor, after successfully completing a diploma, in biblical studies.”

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