Application against pregnant neighbour dismissed

23 Sep, 2022 - 04:09 0 Views
Application against pregnant neighbour dismissed


Natasha Mbewe

A CITY woman left the courtroom disappointed after her protection order application against a pregnant neighbour, whom she was accusing of physical abuse, was thrown out.

Sheila Mutambi, accused Esther Ngwere of humiliating her in the streets.

Mutambi said she was bitter after being labelled a marriage-wrecker who was preying on married men.

“She has accused me of having an affair with her husband.

“The husband had asked me out but I refused since he was having an affair with a girl who is my next door neighbour.

“In May this year, she physically abused me and paid a fine,” said Mutambi.

In response, Ngwere accused Mutambi of being a coward.

“I am not in a position to hold grudges, worse still fight with anyone, considering the fact that I am pregnant.

“I meet her every day, since we stay in the same neighbourhood,” she said.

Magistrate Rutendo Machingura dismissed her protection order application for lack of merit.

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