Architecture urges self-empowerment

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Architecture urges self-empowerment One the designs which Svubs did to a client


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Musician-cum architecture Marlion ‘Svubs’ Svuure says he has now diversified into serious architectural work urges young people to empower themelseve through little finances they have.
The entrepreneur and founder of Svubs Home Décor specialises in various facebrick and rock art features on houses.

A house before being designed

“I would like to encourage people to start their own self-employed businesses or projects using the little cash they have now.
“The economy is giving us bitter lemons so let’s make lemonade drinks out of it than to spend time crying.

Another design

“Money is there in people’s wallets.. let’s create opportunities that will take that money out of their pockets. If opportunities can’t knock, build a door.”

The South Africa based said he developed passion long back.

“I developed the passion to further my career in this artwork after realising that many households love to have their houses build with original facebrick and cladding features but cannot afford that as the cost of facebrick and rocks is now very expensive.

“In doing this artwork I make sure I use material that is not only moisture resistant but also dirt and dust proof.

“Because of this, your house walls are guaranteed to last for 15 years or more unlike paint that comes off year in year out as a result of changes in weather conditions,” said Svubs.
He added:

“This facebrick design and cladding is possible on any wall that is currently unplastered, plastered or painted.
“I also target houses that have cracks, dirt and above all moisture. I do various facebrick types and colors of your own choice.
“I also do interior 3D feature walls, bathroom decos, fireplace decos, kitchen backsplash decos and floor rock artworks,” he said.
Svubs started his artwork in 2016 undergoing online lessons on YouTube.
“At first I was scared to apply the knowledge practically on houses but with time I gathered confidence after I found a well-paying client that liked a sample of my artwork.
“Upon realizing that I can do it so perfect I never stopped until now. To date I have managed to employ a couple of people that I work with.
“I have also managed to interact with many artisans and travelled many provinces in South Africa renewing clients property and I enjoy my profession so much as more and more people are falling in love with my artworks.”
He can followed on his Facebook page Svubs Art And Design Projects.

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