Armed neighbour threatens Ollah 7

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Armed neighbour threatens Ollah 7


26 June 2018

THE case in which Star FM presenter Ollah 7 is accusing his former neighbour of pointing a firearm at him began yesterday.

Ola 7 telling the court that he was fooled into taking care of the accused’s child before DNA tests.

However the two had a long standing matter after DNA tests proved that the neighbour Simbarashe Nyakwete was the father of the child to Ola 7’s former girlfriend.


He further indicated that they shared a father and son relationship and he hoped they would resolve the matter like grown up men.

The court also heard that the radio personality never intended to harm the accused but instead he was threatened with an FN browning pistol when he approached him.

The State led by Francesca Mukumbiri also led its evidence through a second witness who was in the company Ola 7 on the day in question.

She told the court that she witnessed the two talking and suddenly the accused became violent and pulled out his gun, pointed at their car corking it threatening to fire.

However, Nyakwete through his counsel denied ever pointing the firearm at Ola 7 arguing that it was the complaint who was charging towards him.

He said he was no longer sure of the complainant’s intensions and tried to protect himself when he kept following him to his business premises.

Through his counsel, the accused went on to put a notice of discharge for close of state case to be filed today with a response from the prosecution expected by tomorrow.

Magistrate Josephine Sande postponed the matter to July 3.

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