Armed robbers ‘hired me’, says bogus cop

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22 February 2019

A taxi-driver masquerading as a police officer in the company of two armed robbers was arrested by civilians in the Avenues area on Tuesday.

Luxon Kuweni, married to a police officer, forced two men to surrender their money at gun point and kidnapped them from Chitungwiza and Machipisa.

He was in the company of two men who disappeared with the gun after three men believed to be of military police officers who were in civilian clothes apprehended them at corner Five Avenue and 3rd Street around 7pm.

Luxon told the military police that the FunCargo registration (AEW 2864) they used in the robbery belonged to his wife Kanduna based at Harare Central police station, traffic section.

“I was forced to surrender my local and cash amounting to US$2500 and R600 at gun point by Luxon after he identified himself as a police officer,” said one of the victims.

“I was ordered to get into the car and they drove me around until they did the same thing to this man in Machipisa.

“The three shared the money in our presence and they dumped us here and the two disappeared with a pistol they used to threaten us with,” said the victim.

Luxon said the two who ran away were the armed robbers saying he had been hired and used to pretend as a police officer.

“I was hired by the two armed robbers the whole day and the vehicle is registered under my wife Kanduna who is a police officer,” said Luxon.

“I am not a police officer although the two robbers used me to arrest these two guys.

“One of the robbers drove my vehicle since they were using me as a police officer,” said Luxon.

Luxon was taken to Five Avenue police base.

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