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28 December 2016


THE Zimbabwe National Army has been forced to act on the wanton abuse of the camouflage by civilians.

ZNA will be helped by the Zimbabwe Republic Police in stopping members of the public from wearing camouflage and details are expected TODAY in a public announcement.

As law enforcement agents, ZRP are the arresting authorities and will be tasked with restoring order in as far as the wearing of camouflage is concerned.

There has been an unprecedented influx of cheap camouflage clothing that is being sold on the streets and at flea markets.

Harare virtually resembled a war zone (minus the guns) over the Christmas holiday as people, mainly youths, roamed the streets or thronged entertainment joints in camouflage.

Zimbabwe National Army public spokesperson, Lieutenant Colonel Alphios Makotore said the army will issue a press statement today.

“As ZNA, in conjunction with the police, we are going to issue a press statement tomorrow (today) with regards to the issue of camouflage.

“We were actually discussing with Mrs Charity Charamba (Police Spokesperson Senior Assistant Commissioner) over the issue and I am not in a position to give you our position now because the statement will be a joint statement of us as ZNA and the police,” he said.

Chapter 11:02 of the Defence Act deals with the issue of the unauthorised wearing of camouflage.

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