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11 June 2018

…Calls to clamp down on mob justice


Clayton Masekesa

ZIMBABWEANS on social media have called on the police to investigate circumstances around the humiliation of Mutare-based freelance journalist and football club official, Clayton Masekesa last Thursday.

According to the videos that went viral on various social media platforms on the day and whose story has gone beyond our borders, Masekesa was allegedly caught at the home of Mutare City Football Club secretary general, Soul Tom.
Masekesa is said to have been in an affair with Tom’s wife.

In the videos, Masekesa was subjected to a military-style punishment, including non-stop interrogation, being beaten, being made to display condoms, forced to roll in the mud and having his face plastered with mud.
There were at least three men meting out mob justice on the visibly terrified Masekesa, whose compliance is attributed to him fearing for his life.
Also there was another version –though highly unpopular on social media –that Masekesa was a victim of politics as he had previously declared intention to contest for the Mutare South parliamentary seat in the July 30 harmonised elections for one of the opposition parties.
But while others focused their attention on Masekesa’s alleged adultery, most comments were aimed at the assailants with an overwhelming call on police to take action against the men who took law into their own hands.
These calls were made by cross-section of people including lawyers and politicians who believe there is an increase in lawlessness in the country.

Miriam Majome said the barbarism in the videos is unacceptable.
“Adultery is not a crime so there was nothing to report to the police. There are civil remedies open to the husband such as adultery damages & divorce. This barbarism is unacceptable. Generally the increasing lawlessness in this country is disappointing,” she tweeted.
Veteran journalist, Nevanji Madanhire had suggested that the assailants ought to have reported Masekesa to the police.
“Even then he didn’t deserve the humiliation; he should have been reported to the police and properly prosecuted. This treatment of suspects is criminal.”

AMH publisher, Trevor Ncube said Masekesa’s alleged offence was unacceptable but also denounced the mob justice meted out. Ncube runs a “Mampara of the Week” award on Twitter.
“Not right what he did. But this treatment is dehumanizing to me. We have laws to deal with what he allegedly did?
“I have been asking “who is Clayton Masekesa?” Now l know. He is a Mutare City Rovers spokesperson and until approximately 4months ago was an AMH freelance journalist. Judges maintain he is good for #MamparaOfTheWeek award.

Below are thoughts of other Zimbabweans on Twitter:

I don’t see how thus can be crime. He’s not been harmed only his ego bruised what do u at to the police? Ndazorega beans ndabatwa nemukadzi wemunhu? What would be the crime here? -‏ @tapiwahak

My heart bleeds, we must never treat another human being with disgust lyk this in Zim, yu have sinned against the heavens. I hope our learned authorities will apprehend yu and charge yu accordingly -‏ @thom636763177

Haaaa zvinorwadza kuti munhu akaroora mukadzi wake zvakanaka akabhadhara bride price achiombereswa rimwe roshoter beans noooo Guys muface uyo aifanirwa kumamiswa good size kani‏ -Fanuel74198453

Acharova nyika yese ane problem murume iyeye mukadzi can’t just decide to have an affair – ‏ @BelindaNyazika

Maya zvimwe zvinoitwa nemamai it’s like a demon; ukazvitarisa pamwe zvese anowana bedroom anogutiswa; But murume kungobuda out zveTwo days akutokanda gumbo panze -‏ @Fanuel74198453

If God is not on the center of your marriage such things are bound to happen -‏ @BelindaNyazika

Mwari agara aripo always sekusanganisa kwaakaita vaviri but kumwe kuzviregererawo;munhu anenge asitomborina nzara but kakonye kekuda kunzwa pese pese kakabata zvashata

At least the guy was still wearing his clothes wat if u walk into a hotel n find them doing it whn yo wife is pregnant -‏ @brucekays

Why not sue instead of ending up in trouble yourself. Where is the woman? Why did she cheat? That’s what this dude should be worried about‏ [email protected]

That is not going to stop the beans from being consumed. You humiliate him then what? Nonsense munoroorerei mahu… -‏ @muzanwellington

Kutora mutemo kuyisa mumaoko ako? Kuzorova uko pakusungwa anyengerwa mukadzi kikikiki
-‏ @Obey80219725
This is evil. The guys who did this to Clayton must be arrested -‏ @ShumbaAdmire

Hand him over to the police if he was stealing. This kind of treat I don’t condone. Don’t take the law into your own hands! -‏ @MugodhiRefund

Ngabate imbwa yake or else he will end up in jail doing this to dozens of men‏ [email protected]

Pride & prejudice. Those who filter occupied rooms whilst e rightful owners are not present deserve retribution. Only that the punishment was served by e wrong people. A harsh lesson 2 irresponsible behavior. Next time he should engage commercial sex workers – @Fortwire

Who destroyed the cooker? -‏ @CasaJoya

This is the kind of nonsense that gets you cheated on the first place. Wapedza kudaro, the wife will still cheat. This doesn’t change behaviour…Not at all -‏ @benmandava

If it’s “your” wife then SHE is the problem not this gent. It’s not like he was raping. Adiwa i raki rake although in this case munyama – @Millyd16

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