Artist salutes Gorimbo

Maria Chiguvari

BOTSWANA-BASED artist, Mr Konscious, has released a song dedicated to UFC star Themba Gorimbo.

The song, titled Themba Gorimbo, talks about the boxer’s journey from when he started to his arrival in the United States.

It was released a month ago while the video was released four days ago.

The lyrics of the song depict the boxer as a young man trying to find his footing in a harsh world.

Mr. Konscious narrates the time Gorimbo used to travel to the local fields to illegally mine for diamonds in Marange.

His mother died when he was nine years old, his father passed away four years later and, without a clear path for his future, he took a cloudy and dangerous one.

Mr Konscious said the song was meant to inspire people never to give up in life.

He sings about how God’s intervention saved the athlete.

A month ago, Gorimbo received a fully furnished house from United States actor Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

Gorimbo had revealed that he had only US$7.49 in his bank account ahead of his fight and that he slept on a couch in the gym due to a lack of resources and training space.

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