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Edwin Nhukarume

ZIM hip hop artist, Brian Jeck, says Passion Java’s diss to Holy Ten, titled  Mungamudaro Here, featuring DJ Towers, is just a marketing gimmick.

In the comic song, with visuals of cartoon artwork, Passion Java uses the pseudo name Holly 100.

The song, which could have been triggered by a picture which circulated on social media of a guy with Holy Ten’s current lover – Kimberly Richard – insinuating to have been romantically involved with her, portrays the rapper’s lover as a loose lady.

The song attracted one million views, within 24 hours, and generated interest on social media.

Some people praised Java for his witty comic lines while others blasted him for seeking unnecessary attention and bullying the young rapper.

Self-proclaimed Zim Drill King, Brian Jeck, said the whole drama was only a gimmick.

“Holy Ten and Passion Java are manufacturing marketing strategies.

“Holy Ten’s recent album flopped. They know each other. It’s just a way to bring back Holy Ten into the limelight.

“Holy Ten recently came to Kadoma for a show with Kimberly,” said Brian Jeck.

When Passion Java’s manager was asked about Brian Jeck’s claims, he asked who Brian Jeck was.

He refused to comment further and referred the matter to DJ Towers, who was not reachable.

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