Artiste imitates Kinnah, Killer T

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Artiste imitates Kinnah, Killer T Killer T


Edwin Nhukarume, Entertainment Reporter

Rising Zim dancehall chanter,  Bernard “Liquid Yonke” Hweta is making a name for himself by producing songs  that perfectly resemble the work of popular chanters.

On some of his songs, he sounds exactly like Kinnah and some as Killer T.

However, the 20-year-old  said it is not his intention to sound like other artistes, but it just comes naturally.

Liquid Yonke

“People have been likening my songs with those of some of the seasoned artistes in the Zim dancehall genre.

“It is not only Kinnah and Killer T that people liken my music to. You have heard few of my music.

“Some of the songs people say I even sound like Winky D,” said Liquid Yonke.

“Though people say I imitate, it was not my plan to sound like them. It just happens.

“It is also uninspiring to hear such kinds of compliments because I want to be my own.


“This is the reason why I decided to call myself Liquid Yonke, Yonke meaning every thing is on me

“However, there are some of the songs where people say I sound my own,” he added.

Liquid Yonke started recording professionally in 2014. He has recently released a freshing collaboration with Hwindi President titled Born Saviour.

The chanter has worked with several producers such as Marlon T, SamCris, Tamuka, Oskid, JMP, Chillspot and others.

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