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Latwell Nyangu, H-Metro Reporter

AFRO pop singer Owen ‘Fresh O’ Sigodhlo has released a song dedicated to socialite and actress Lorraine Guyo.

The 27-year-old Mabvuku based artiste said he decided to dedicate the song to Guyo owing to her beauty.

Owen ‘Fresh O’ Sigodhlo

“I just grew some personal interest towards Lorraine Guyo because of her beauty and personality.


“So I decided to record a single for her titled Lorraine Guyo.


“It’s available on YouTube and sound cloud and I am expecting her to feel the track I made for her.


“The song is kind of a love letter to Lorraine Guyo where in the first verse I will be saying every time I wake up its her only on my mind.


“I have developed interest in her through her black beauty without makeup and her personality and background,” he said.


Added Fresh O:


“In a controversial line I sing that I wish I would be the one she kisses first time she wakes up in the morning.


“I also said that I am just waiting for the day she breaks up with her lover and take care of her.


“In another verse I talk about how I have always had a crush on her from seeing her on magazines and newspapers.”


He began his musical journey in 2006 and made hits at Ya FM Radio Station in 2015-16 during my stay in Zvishavane.


“I have worked with producers like Oskid and Jamal no limits before.


“I have tracks like Taurai Tenzi (prod by Oskid), Msamanyika(prod by Jamal no limits), Kalife life (Daveyton), Zimbo lover and Miss Shabanie.

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