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AN array of fresh music graduates from local and regional academies has vowed to use their talents to fight violence against women.

Working under the banner ‘Zim Artists Unlimited’, the clique is made up of Gweru-based jazz singer Miss Patience, Healed By Music, Daisy Zigode, MiSound, Vazukuru VeAfrica and The Pioneers.

They will hold a Jazz Concert on November 25 at Theatre in the Park, Harare.

South Africa trombone player, Thabo “Thabone” Masilela, is also part of the movement.

Festival coordinator and spokesperson, Leon Jalasi, confirmed the event.

“The main objective of the concert is to stand with the women who have suffered from the violence at the hands of men and women.

“There are people out there failing to share what they are going through because of fear, some because they feel like they have no one to share their story with.

“So, with this concert, we want to send a message of hope, comfort, inspiration and support to make it known to them that we are surely behind them and we are there to give the support and help they need,” he said.

Jalasi, who is a jazz musician, took the opportunity to explain their theme colour, which is orange.

“The colour orange represents a brighter future, free from violence against women and girls.

“We have an artist platform (WhatsApp Group) called Zim Artists Unlimited.

“The WhatsApp group consists of artists who do different genres, so, with the line-up, we just called out for those who do jazz and they showed up.

“I shared with them the idea of the concert and they liked it.

“We added my brother from South Africa, Thabo ‘Thabone’ Masilela, a trombone player, he is one of the greatest jazz artists I have ever met.

“We both did our music studies at the Music Academy of Gauteng.

“I shared the idea with him and he was also interested to be part of it.”

Jalasi believes their concept will leave a huge impression.

“Well, since I got on this musical journey, I have always wanted to inspire, comfort, motivate people through my art.

“I will always be doing projects which speak to the people who are living under the pressures of life.

“I know that our art speaks best to them and, in a way, it’s a prayer that heals a broken soul.”

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