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THE Global Council for the Promotion of International Trade (CPIT) will host the Inaugural Global Sustainable Media and Publishing Summit 2024 in Lusaka, Zambia.

It is dedicated to exploring the crucial intersection between media, publishing and sustainability.

The summit will be held from March 7-9.

It will bring together thought leaders, experts, and professionals from around the world to discuss and showcase innovative strategies, practices, and solutions that can drive positive change in the industry.

Summit assistant coordinator, Saliwe Njolomole, said:

“This summit is very important in bringing together the small-to-medium enterprises, emerging businesses together with the media fraternity in fostering economic development,” she said.

“You reckon trade and businesses can only grow when we have media propelling that growth, in as far as creating opportunities for economic growth, especially for women in this case.

“This programme is falling in between the 8th of March, which is Women’s Day, and strategically we managed to make sure that the dates fall within that range so that we also get an opportunity to celebrate women around the globe.

“Those that are doing well in business, those that are fostering economic development in business and even those that are growing, so media plays a critical role.”

She added:

 “We are really looking forward to bringing out solutions, lasting relationship between the media and businesses.

“This summit is very significant in that we are not expecting the media and business people to be running on their own. 

“We want to bridge that gap and we want to know what the women in Malaysia are doing today as far as business is concerned.

“This is not an African Summit, it’s a global summit.”

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