As Sakunda unveil kit, Bosso make claim : DeMbare respond, question the claims of their big rival

Robson Sharuko


HIGHLANDERS chairman Kenneth Mhlope claims Bosso have 15 million fans in the country.

Mhlope was speaking at a ceremony in Harare yesterday where Bosso and Dynamos received brand new Adidas kits for this season from their principal sponsors, Sakunda Holdings.

In response, Dynamos chairman Moses Maunganidze said the figure, which Mhlope had claimed, was like the Zimbabwe dollar and its real value will be known when it is converted

into ZiG.

“You know there is a transition happening in this country in terms of the currency and we will know the real number of Highlanders fans once that process is completed,” joked Maunganidze.

Scott Sakupwanya’s Betterbrands, who are also sponsoring Highlanders, were represented at the function and will have their name displayed on the Bosso jerseys.

The population of Zimbabwe right now is estimated at about 17 million.

Mhlope’s sensational claims would suggest that 88 percent of all Zimbabweans support Bosso.

That would be a fantasy figure, especially considering that this number also includes those who have nothing to do with football and the kids who are yet to align themselves with any club.

What is not questionable, though, is that Bosso are the best supported club in the domestic Premiership right now.

According to reports from last season, the 34 matches which Bosso played last season, provided almost half of the number of fans who watched the Premiership games.

Bosso have been the PSL cash cow for years now and, if the early indications are anything to go by, the script will not change again this season.

Sakunda Holdings, through their company secretary Maurice Makoni, demanded good results, sound management and transparency from the two giants.

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