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26 July 2018


MP aspirant gold digger?


Mabvuku-Tafara aspiring Member of Parliament, Simba Muchero, is accused of squandering fortunes of a South Africa based woman Vimbai Chakanyuka after he promised to marry her.

Muchero represents Zimbabwe Partnership and Prosperity Party (ZIPP) and also leads One Blow Church in South Africa.

The man of cloth reportedly lured Vimbai into a love relationship after he lied to her that he had divorced his wife.

Simba was also being financially funded by Vimbai, who was hoping to be married by him, to realise his political dream.

Vimbai said she felt deceived and used by Muchena when she found out that he was married.

“I met Simba Muchero earlier this year; he is a pastor at his church called One Blow which is in South Africa and he is also campaigning for Mabvuku Tafara parliamentary seat under ZIPP party.

“He came with his intentions towards me seeming genuine but he started showing his true colours after he squandered my money.

“He told me about his intentions to stand as the MP for Mabvuku Tafara and I supported him financially.

“The problem started when all of a sudden he changed the way he was behaving no more video calls abrupt one word answers and would only show interest when money was being discussed and how much I can folk out. Then I started snooping and found out that he was married and I confronted him with this info and his response was he got divorced a week after marriage and he had removed her from his life and he didn’t want to talk about it because it’s embarrassing.

“Then I accepted his explanation as a person who has that sort of status in society. I continued praying supporting and loving this man even though he would purposely delete my texts without reading them when I asked he would say his PA handles his phone so he doesn’t want people to know his private life. When it was time to send money again that’s when I noticed in the slip a woman’s name again he brushed it off and said I was paranoid.

“Then I was scheduled to go spend some time naye at his place I called on my way as usual and all of a sudden he said ‘my aunt is around and her daughter gave birth so you can’t come home’ let’s meet at a lodge. Hezvo lodge futi why? l got mad and vowed to find out whatever was going on that night. After arriving at this lodge I expressed my discomfort and he said he really wanted to see me and just wanted to be with me.

“The drama started when he acted like he was on the phone talking to his brother and he said he had to all of a sudden to pick something up. I grumbled but he left and promised to be back in an hour ahh ndikarara ndokupepuka kuma 2 ahhh munhu not back I called his phone no answer the other number no answer. I then remembered I had his brother’s number called it then the wife/gf picked I asked for the brother zvikanzi he is  asleep ini hoo ok now I’m boiling ndikati let me text asking for simba because I have money to give him, ahhh madam vacho vakandipa number dze his wife.

“After that I immediately left the place drove home and thought to myself that’s why women nowadays will not support their men whole heartedly because of the lies they tell, could this wife and husband be working together to get money from women? Shuwa a man of God or a so called aspiring politician failing to manage his personal affairs anozo manager dzeku parliament sei?

“What sort of a devious serpent is he?”

Muchero confirmed receiving money from Vimbai but denied ever having an affair with her.

“This woman you are talking about only gave me US$2 000 and the money was not for my personal use; she offered to assist me in my campaigning missions in Mabvuku-Tafara constituency where I am an aspiring MP.

“We were only close friends but our relationship was never a love affair; it was purely friendship. I was shocked when she started soiling my name on social media.

“I leave my battles in God’s hands. How can a mere school clerk claim to be funding me?” he said.

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