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ENTERTAINMENT guru, Wanisayi “Mahwindo” Mutandwa says she is a living example that with proper medical care and an addiction to abide by what medical experts prescribe can help people with conditions to live healthy and fun-filled lives.

The music promoter, who also has interests in football and charity through her Mahwindo Foundation, is celebrating her 47th birthday.

“There are those among us who don’t want to go for a medical check-up, simply because they are afraid of injections and pills,” she told H-Metro.

“Well, I have some news for them.

“I am diabetic and have been living with this condition for years and I inject myself three times a day and monitor my diabetes levels every two hours.

“That is what I was told by my doctors and that is what I follow and I can tell you that I live my life to the full because I told myself that this condition is not going to stop me or affect how I live.

“I have no regrets because I am in control of my life and if you have diabetes, ring me and we can talk about it and I can show you that this is not a death sentence.”

Mahwindo, who revealed she will quit the music industry at the age of 50 and retreat to live on a farm, paid tribute to Ambassador Uebert Angel for the support he has been providing to her.

“The Ambassador is my brother and together with his wife, muroora Bebe, they have been very supportive in many just to make sure that I get all the support that I need and I deal with all the challenges that I face,” she said.

“This special family gave me US$5000 as a birthday present and not many people have such a heart of gold to give out such a sum to ensure someone who is celebrating his or her birthday enjoys their day. Thank you Ambassador Angel and Madam Bebe, you are a blessing in my life and I don’t know where I would be without you.”

Mahwindo also thanked her brother Mudiwa Hood, Brighton “Pan Jap” Ushendibaba, the Habhana Family and many others for making her day special and revealed she received a US$70 000 2023 truck as a birthday present.

“Thank you to the Rich Cousins, Kayla, Saru, King Solo, Blessing Pan Jap, Fiona, Habhana Boys, Langton B, Hastings, Ethel, Dallas and Uncle Ray for accommodating us at your very special place.”

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