Mathew Masinge

AT least 20 of Madzibaba Ishmael’s staunchest followers endured five hours of waiting before their leader actually made a court appearance at Norton Magistrate Court yesterday.

They gathered outside the court room where they held a series of meetings and prayers for their leader.

Some arrived as early as 7am only to be advised the police would bring him around mid-morning.

When Madzibaba Ishmael, and seven others, finally appeared in a police van, tension mounted.

They were soon to learn that the case was only going to be heard after the lunch break.

They took turns to bring him food.

When he wanted a toilet break, they would accompany him with many happy to just touch him.

During the hearing, before Magistrate Christine Nyandoro, some were still deep in prayer and the court orderly was forced to order the gallery to keep quite while the court was still in session.

Some took their prayers outside in protest.

They took turns to dismiss any compelling reasons for Madzibaba Ishmael to be denied bail.

The magistrate then announced she would only make her ruling later.

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