Attempted car theft foiled

20 Aug, 2018 - 16:08 0 Views
Attempted car theft foiled


20 August 2018

A 27-year-old Harare dealer’s weekend bliss was cut short when  robbers attempted to steal his car .

Clive Chavhunduka almost lost his Toyota Mark X vehicle after he gave a lift to a robber.

“I was coming from Karoi last night going to Harare to a local club where I was supposed to meet up with my friends and have fun.

“Whilst I was in Nyabira, on my way to Harare I offered transport to a certain gentleman not knowing that the person was actually a thief.

“When we were at Westgate roundabout that was when he started demanding that I stop the car and give him the car keys.

“There was also a car which moved in front of my car that started to block me and the people in that car were together with the guy who was in my car,” said Clive.

When he fled from the scene, Clive said the thieves could not drive his car because it had been damaged during the scuffle.

“I was so drunk and but I managed to resist the guy who was in my car. Those who were in the car in front then started to shoot my car tyres but I kept on driving.

“My aim was to stop the car where they were people to help me but there were no people along the road because it was late.

“When I stopped the car the guy who was in my car took my car keys and I fled from the scene and went to Avondale police station to lodge a complaint over the matter.

“When I got back to the scene, I found the car at the place which I had left it, I think they failed to take it because three tyres were torn.

“Though I have managed to recover my car, all the clothes that were inside where stolen and is it now in a terribly damaged state,” he said.

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