Author pens motivational book

16 Mar, 2023 - 00:03 0 Views
Author pens motivational book Tatenda Mudzana


Maria Chiguvari

UNHERALDED author, Tatenda Mudzana, has published a motivational book titled “Power of Starting.” 

The author believes the purpose of his book is to motivate those going through tough times to remain firm.

He said his book was meant to inspire people facing challenges and help them understand that obstacles can be cleared.

“During, and after the toughest times, most of us need a push that makes us want to move past these things and chase our dreams with passion, energy and zeal.

“In order to realise the significance of time, and the priority that we need to give to our ambitions, ‘Power of Starting’ will fuel you with all the right reasons.

“Over the years, I enjoyed writing articles and posting them on different social media handles yet I did not have the skills and confidence to write a whole book.” 

Mudzana said this is his first book and he got the inspiration from people who acknowledged his work on Facebook.

“I got a lot of inspiration from the comments I got from the articles I used to write.

“People would ask me, have you written a book, write a book, where do I get your book?

“After hundreds of these comments, I then sat down one day and told myself that I should write a book.

“Then I got inspired by my young brothers Anesu Isaac Fombe and Marshal Chiza who are some of the youngest amazing authors in Zimbabwe.

“Anesu Fombe really helped me with this book and I am grateful,” he said.

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