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Mary Mutamiri

AUTHOR and public speaker, Paul Sibanda, has penned a Zimdancehall book, which profiles artists in this genre.

In an interview with H-Metro, Paul said he decided to compile profiles of musicians in this genre for fans to know their role models better.

“As an innovative author, I observed that nothing tangible has been written before in terms of Zimdancehall.

“As such, I decided to write a book about those top Zimdancehall artists, who have made a huge influence.

“I named the book ‘Zimdancehall Made Me’ not me as an author but I was referring to artists.

“It’s good for people to know their failure and success in their musical journey,”he said.

He added:

“I profiled about 50 artists in my book, who include Soul Jah Love, Killer T, Freeman, Kinner, Enzo Ishall, Guspy Warrior, among others.

“A lot of negativity goes with these Zimdancehall artists but I tried my best to bring something positive.

“I also tried my best to let people know that despite all the bad things that happen during Zimdancehall shows, these artists also play an essential role in the music industry,” said Sibanda.

He also revealed that he wrote the book for the sake of the Zimdancehall history.

“I tried to gather all the necessary information I needed about the Zimdancehall genre and wrote it for the sake of history.

“History is very important, especially to the future generation, they have to know about their past to help them prepare for their future,” he said. “This book is an inspirational book, as well as a historical book, which educates ghetto youths and all those who love to read.”

Sibanda said that he was looking forward to more support, especially from the ghetto youths.

“I am looking forward to more support from youths in my career.

“I have faith that people will be interested in reading this inspirational book I took time to write about and I hope that it will inspire people as they read it,” added Sibanda.

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