Author’s book tackles social issues

Vongai Masuka        

CHITUNGWIZA-BASED author, Energy Mavaza, has launched a book tackling social issues affecting his community.

Titled ‘Malawi’, the book highlights the challenges facing Chitungwiza residents with drug abuse, early child marriages and unemployment at the top of the list.

Mavaza’s work offers a unique perspective on the struggles of daily life in Chitungwiza and sheds light on the resilience of its people.

The writer was inspired by the environment he lives in and his day-to-day life experiences.

“Chitungwiza is where I come from and it’s easier for me to relate. I’m inspired by my day-to-day life experiences,” said Mavaza.

“Satisfaction is in the completion. 

“Nothing is more rewarding than getting a positive review and positive suggestion,” he added.

Mavaza says that the book provokes the reader to explore more ideas in problem-solving.

He hopes to keep writing books.

“I wish to keep on writing and expressing my concerns through art. I feel I can change the world with my words.

“This is my second book after an anthology titled ‘Beneath the African Sun,’” said Mavaza.

The writer is currently working on a prose titled ‘The Undaunting Spirit’.

Renowned author and storyteller, who also attended the book launch, Chirikure Chirikure, said that writing books is not easy and Mavaza had executed his ideas well.

“This is the legacy that never dies, the internet will remember this, the people around you will remember you for this even when you’re long gone,” he said.

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